Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AHHHHHH THE FRENCH (in the drunk orson welles voice)

So there's this Vans ad thats been up around NYC and in a few magazine featuring Sarah from the fancy Parisian store Colette. And yeah she's wearing the classic ST. BIRDNARD Wowch t-shirt. I'm no advertising wiz, but if I was paying top dollar I would make an attempt to feature the company's product somewhere in there. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot t-shirt designer who's just happy to get more free publicity. THANKS VANs.

I'm gonna assume that the photographer just showed up randomly at the store and Sarah just happened to being wearing WOWCH. And yes, Wowch has been fortunate enough to be stocked in Colette for a few years now too. We stillllllllllllllllllllll got it.

it's been awhile since I posted some tunes. Here ya go frenchy....

Franc Gall - Der Computer Nr 3
Serge Gainsbourg - Cannabis
Jean-Claude Vannier - Mort Du Roi Des Mouches