Monday, November 26, 2007

Death to Wowch

Earlier this year we got solicited to participate in a 'DEATH' themed group art show. FYI-- Wowch is always more than happy to contribute any high school stoner misfit imagery for any occasions. The curator was nice enough to give us 4 or 5 months notice and of course I waited til the last week to do it. What the curator forgot to do was provide us with any invitations or information about the opening. WHOOPS. So yeah I really can't tell you a gosh darn thing on how it went. Wasn't there. I have no idea what other stuff was in the show or even where it was. No biggie. I recall life being kinda hectic at the time anyway.

Atleast I know one person liked it , cos when I picked the piece up from the currator a few months later she had it hanging above her faux-fireplace. Did I mention its 30" x 40" and framed? pretty cool....... It's currently hanging above our garbage can and is for sale.

I'm bored to death, so here are some deathly tunes.

the walker bros - death of romance (sweet sexxxy sax)
the wipers - better off dead (from their first 7". makes me think of the movie)
goblin - death dies (sounds like the perfect scary movie chase scene)
pagan altar - judgement of the dead (sabbath wannabes with creeper analog keyboards)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Backstage Ass

Hey Buddies. ENON is on tour for the next year. If you're cool enough to go see them u can purchase a Wowch designed shirt that might look like this. A few things about Enon....

- John used to be in a rad band from Ohio called Brainiac. As a teen I had a tumultuous relationship with their music. I loved the records, but every time I went to see them I always got pissed off. I confronted John on this recently, pointing out the fact that he once kicked a row of empty beer bottles on the front of the stage into the crowd, directly into my knees. His defense was that the bar (Staches) was lousy at busing empties and that the stage was too high. Gotta love that response. Here's a jam from their 2nd album.

braniac - hot metal dobermans

- Toko used to be in a buncha bands, most notably BLONDE REDHEAD. She has funny stories about how awkward it was touring with them. They kinda frowned upon her drinking. They scolded her for taking showers after 'bedtime.' I think she mentioned they even had to go to a band psychiatrist, although I could be making that one up. Anyway when she aint making music, she's the funnest bartender around over at that bar Enids in Williamsburg. Don't ask me which came first...Enids or Enon. My brain can't handle it. This track is my favourite from their new album....

enon - those who don't blink

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Jacques & Justin
Max & Martin upstairs.
oh what a night.

another awesomely awful attempt at making a flyer in 5 minutes. Space is the place I tell ya. I LUV all the blogs that drop all the dreamy 70s science fiction tunes. Everyone always forgets about Hawkwind for some reason. Not me!

HAWKWIND - Nuclear Toy

ok I'll be back later today with something more wowchish I promise!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Motor Shitty Monday


early adam & max wowch

at Motor City tonight NOV 5th
playing the best kind of music----- RECORDED!

10ish - 4ish

heard a rumor it could also be a BLUE CHEER after party which is very fitting cos old dudes with long hair kinda dream about places like Motor City.
thyere playing at the Knit btw.

(it aint Blue Cheer......its a surprise!!!)



So Roomie and I did something especially embarrassing this weekend. Our dear pal Matt Bailey made the mistake of showing us some other blog where a dude made a pizza with nothing but Mcdonalds toppings. It was so disgustingly awesome we had to try it for ourselves.

INGREDIENTS: 2 cheeseburgers, 8 chicken mcnuggets, 1 small fries, 1 boboli crust, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, loads of shame, a pinch of regret

how about some celebratory tunes!!!!!

McDonalds Disco R&B Makeover
Gimme Pizza
Really Stupid