Monday, November 26, 2007

Death to Wowch

Earlier this year we got solicited to participate in a 'DEATH' themed group art show. FYI-- Wowch is always more than happy to contribute any high school stoner misfit imagery for any occasions. The curator was nice enough to give us 4 or 5 months notice and of course I waited til the last week to do it. What the curator forgot to do was provide us with any invitations or information about the opening. WHOOPS. So yeah I really can't tell you a gosh darn thing on how it went. Wasn't there. I have no idea what other stuff was in the show or even where it was. No biggie. I recall life being kinda hectic at the time anyway.

Atleast I know one person liked it , cos when I picked the piece up from the currator a few months later she had it hanging above her faux-fireplace. Did I mention its 30" x 40" and framed? pretty cool....... It's currently hanging above our garbage can and is for sale.

I'm bored to death, so here are some deathly tunes.

the walker bros - death of romance (sweet sexxxy sax)
the wipers - better off dead (from their first 7". makes me think of the movie)
goblin - death dies (sounds like the perfect scary movie chase scene)
pagan altar - judgement of the dead (sabbath wannabes with creeper analog keyboards)

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