Wednesday, July 22, 2009


SATURDAY JULY 25th ------->11AM til we are bored!
The corner of N6th & Bedford (in the lot right next to the Shoe Market!)

Ok seriously folks. If you're actually in town this weekend you got no excuse not stopping by. You can squeeze us in right after your overpriced brunchies and right before u go to that macho soccer tournament. Eat a hotdog, chug a beverage out of a brown bag, headbang to the sweet tunes coming outta my grandma's cherry red boombox, and if u feel like it------ BUY SOME SHIT.

We're having the straightest gayest sidewalk sale in the history of Bedford Ave.
And just so u can't complain about another stupid wowch sale full of ugly t-shirts,
I invited a bunch of pals to join me in this celebration of stinky street commerce.

SO besides super duper deals on wowch tshirts, tanktops, and totebags ($10 - $30)

u will also be able to buy

JEWISH ROSARIES™ (by carlen altman) $15 - $100

Used records for sale from both WHATS YOUR RUPTURE? Kevin Pedersen & Nature Boy Jim Kelly.

And helping out with the BBQ, Grillmaster J PENRY will be onsite doing his famous caricature drawings and pet portraits.

lets have a balllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll