Friday, February 8, 2008


hey what can I say. I'm a bad friend. I want my blog to be so gosh darn good that if i can't focus all love towards it I just completely ignore it like one of my future stepchildren. but anyway.....

got a full page in the current issue of NYLON (the kills are on the cover----man they are so cool smoking cigarettes on stage and wearing all black and leather. how original) . Its some article on American fashion in England? or English fashion interpreted by americans? I dunno man to be honest I got bored 2 paragraphs into the silly thing. All I know is that UK shops and showrooms have always been snooty to us so sorry guys aint gonna see WOWCH on that side of the pond anytime soon. Regardless I think we all can agree that the pic is topnotch one of the best I've ever seen any wowch in. word.

Yeah I guess not many people know my animosity for most museums and galleries in general.
But man the new $64 million NEW MUSEUM on Bowery is right by my JMZ stop so I have the displeasure of having to 'Logan's Run' by it every other day of the week. The future is soooo awesome......and clean! Anyway the worst part is that its set up right next to a couple of homeless shelters so I get the unfortunate juxtopostion of tourists and art students waiting in line to buy crap from the gift shop a few yards away from haggard street people waiting in line for a meal and shelter. UP YOURS New Museum. Ya looked more the part when you were on Broadway next to Victoria Secret.

its my old friend Cara's bday tonite. J Penry are gonna play goth and synth tunes ala OUTLAND back in the college days. here are some tunes for your troubles....they cover all todays subject matters and a lil bit more. whoopie!

The Long Good Friday

Slip It To The Android

Jolene (goth version)

Funky Punk

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