Thursday, August 7, 2008

Plenty of Hoopla but STILL NO FREEBIES!

OK So apparently the NY DAILY NEWS picked up on our story and confronted Mr Franco yesterday---

"What? That's ridiculous," Franco exclaimed. "We completely created that shirt and that shark. David wanted me to wear a purple Monterey Bay T-shirt with a whale on it. I said I wasn't into the whale shirt, so he came up with his own design, which was the shark."

Pretty quick on your toes Mr Franco, but I gotta admit it's the rest of the article that paints your real picture.........

Girl: You look familiar.

Franco: I dunno. Have we met?

Girl: I saw you on screen an hour ago.

Franco: On the street?

Girl: No! On the movie screen! You were in the movie we just saw!

Girl 2: I loved it. I'm [Name redacted].

Girl: I'm [Name redacted]. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Franco: Hi. I'm James.

Girl 2: Where are you from?

Franco: Well I'm moving here to New York City very soon ...

Publicist (interrupting): You know girls, this is the Daily News right here ...

Daily News: Give me two seconds, and then you can tell him everything that you ever wanted to.

Girl (grinning widely): Like all my favorite sexual positions?

Franco (turns to the Daily News and smirks): I'll borrow your tape recorder for that!

I've got to admit I didn't expect you to be so cunning, Mr Franco. Way to win over the nerd from the Daily News with some poon. I guess if I had submitted my original pic of the shark-cat shirt on a some hot half naked chick then everybody would jump to my defense a lot quicker.


Still no word of my free passes. Plenty of bloggers jumping in on this potboiler though and we appreciate it . Thanks for all the sharp comments too.

OH And as you can see in the above photo the original shark-cat shirt is now avail in that cool dark heather grey all u kids seem to love. buy one here!!!!


Shauna said...

When I saw James Franco's shirt I turned to my sister and was like "That's a WOWCH shirt!" I thought the design looked kind of different. That shirt's about four years old, isn't it?
Thanks for selling it again!

You also did one with a kitten in a union cap holding an oozie or something, right?

Kile said...

Let the rip offs of the rip off begin!