Wednesday, January 6, 2010



WOWCH's dumb new year's resolution is to make every Wednesday a BLOG DAY!!
So here's my first entry of 2010 - - -  a crappy creepy flyer for a crappy DJ nite at a creepy bar!
A weak start I know, but its all about diving in there and getting into the routine folks.  My guest DJ this week is my ol pal Vito from that ol awesome band THE RAPTURE.  They just got done tracking a shit ton of new recordings. Only took em about 4 years. Thats progress for ya. I'm not one to judge cos I know sometimes quality tunes sometimes takes a sloths pace to create. Just ask Axel Rose.   

a few tunes that make me feel paranoid and anxious. 
CYBOTRON - Industrial Lies

VIRNA LINDT - Under The Stars

WEEN - Cruise Control (Sky Cruiser Remix)

NOTICE how on that Ween song its sounds like they're doing a top notch ARIEL PINK imitation, except only 15 years ahead of him!!!

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