Tuesday, October 23, 2007


OKEE DOKEE. I had to do it. The Bargain Bazaar closed down. Friedman's Active-wear moved to Brooklyn. My whole world has been turned upside down !!!!
What better way to ground myself than to start BLOGGIN again. Oh water cooler how I've missed you!

Ok gonna spill my guts here. This blog aint gonna be just a showcase for my complaining skills
. My main goal heres is an attempt at showcasing all the rad graphic design and art work WOWCH does that goes under the radar. Believe it or not we aren't always the best at self-promoting our various creative endeavors beyond our goofy shirts. (on a side note I'm not sure how or why the font color and size just changed up on me, but cool trick, blogspot).

CASE IN POINT----that crazy face melting balloon pic above. Earlier this year WOWCH was commissioned by that hottt band The Crystal Castle's label to do the cover art work for their album and based on their input thats what we submitted. For whatever reason they didn't like it (lets just assume its cos they're Canadian), and no offense was taken. Besides I've yet to see any of their music in actual cd/lp format. Anyway not too long after we finished it, a totally cool Japanese art 'zine called ROCKET asked us to contribute some work, so we sent them a bunch of images including Mr Balloonface up there. As you can see below, Mr. Balloonface turned into Mr. Coverboy! Everything turns up WOWCHY!!!!


WHO LIKES FREE TUNES in MP3 FORMAT? Gonna be sharing them often on this here blincoln blog. What better way to start than with an 11 minute J Mascis face melter?

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