Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WOWCHOWEENish Party time


Lets all give it up for my neighbor and good pal Jacques Renault. I hear he won the best DJ award last night at the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards. He's come a long way since since his happy hour gig at The Alligator Lounge back in 2003-04. BUT SERIOUSLY the guy helps Wowch out all the time ( I think he was up for the first intern position at one point, hehe). Check out some of his tracks below after his Wowch glamour shot.

RUNAWAY - Aint Afraid To Beg

Black Pony - Jacques Renault Wowchy edit


My WOWCH Bro Matt wanted me to display the following image that expresses his hatred for rats. I'm gonna assume it spawned from that giant decomposing rat in the curb in front of our building. Anyway, add this to our long list of fabled bands---ARMD--- All RATS MUST DIE!!

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