Friday, May 16, 2008


Jeez Louize I have not been a faithful blogger lately. whats my problem????

I blame the following 2 videos along with Mr Michael Schenker.Yeah he was a sweet guitar player and by the time he was 17 had already been in the Scorpions and UFO. Eat shit Conor Oberst.

crap. UFO performing Rock Bottom live on German TV is even better, but the jerkwad who posted it disabled the embedding. Anyway if u wanna see some guy in a suit on acid take his clothes off and dance on stage click on this link here

So yeah these vids back2back must of tapped into some bizarro wasted alter ego of mine cos my brain has been operating on a different frequency ever since. Lets just hope I don't start wearing a denim vest with no shirt this summer.

hey while we're at it why don't u DOWNLOAD these jams in MP3 form and lose your shit walking to the subway every morning?

I'm Going Mad


oh BTWs Pizza Party Happy Hour Returns next week.....I'll post a flyer soon!

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