Saturday, June 21, 2008


SO Yeah as you may have noticed from the above photos my neighbor surfer dude Todd in 2H is kind of a big deal. I've spent so many sleepless nights contemplating how such a nice dude has so many celebrity bigshot friends. Finally it hit me. He's a stalker! Or maybe a really successful grifter. No silly he's a NYC artist! When I first was introduced I was told he's the guy who paints bands live while they're performing....Dinosaur Jr and Guided By Voices to name a few. Young Hip bands too I just don't remember which ones. He told me he was hired by Nylon to paint the Misshapes DJ at art basel the other year and that afterwards they awkwardly asked him if they could have the painting. His answer was like yeah if you give me 20 grand.

He's having a big party on Tuesday at Santa's. I get to DJ with that 70s show guy and I promised Todd I wouldn't be snarky to him. I swear guys I'll be on my best behavior.

here are some of of my fav jams right now. enjoy!

Jet - Antler
Television Personalities - How I Larned to Love The Bomb
Simple Minds - I Travel (extended 12)
Cheap Trick - Everything Works If You Let It

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